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Visia scan is a scientific tool that is used to analyse your skin problems that can be attended to earlier than later.

An individual visia profile allows for focused treatment protocols to be selected appropriately to match the client’s skin condition.

It is an excellent tool to make use of in order to compare the before and after treatments/procedures. The doctor is able to recommend protocols/range of products that can address your skin problems based on your visia analysis report e.g pigmentation, pore size, sun damage sports, texture, wrinkles and bacteria on the surface of the skin.


  • Treatment results are tracked to ensure flexibility and alteration to constantly improve one’s treatment plan.
  • An individual’s visia profile can also be used to guide other procedures to be done e.g mezotherapy, dermal fillers, Botox etc.
  • Avoid wasting time and money trying things that won’t work or treatments that won’t contribute to the end results you seek.